Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Family at Easter

Everyone was at the ranch for Easter, except Mike, Casey & AbbyKate whom we missed terribly. Bill recently came hom from Iraq and so we were all excited to see him. Matt, Beth & Josh came to stay for the weekend. It was Josh's first Easter. He looked so handsome in his little outfit which looked a lot like Luke's so they looked really cute together. Unfortunately the weather was not exactly bright and shiny. So, we did not hide eggs in the yard for the kids.

I decided that being pregnant during holidays is not a bad thing. Ginger made a huge lunch which included lots of snacks and of course desserts! Yum! So I was a very happy girl. At Easter I was 33 weeks along so those of you who are or have been pregnant can relate to my appetite.

Part of the day we spent introducing Bill to the world of Rock Band. He had never played it before so we had to bust out our musical skills on him. It was a lot of fun. Beth did a wonderful job on vocals as usual..hee hee! The rest of the day was kinda low key since we were still stuffed. Despite the weather we had a great day and we look forward to family coming again soon.

Papa & Nana with the grandkids.

Cousins Luke & Josh playing.

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