Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our 4th Anniversary/Sigma Chi 40th

We just celebrated our 4th Wedding Anniversary! It is amazing how fast time flies! I got out our wedding album to reminisce. The memories of our wedding day were so vivid. In our four years of marriage we have grown a wonderful relationship together and I anticipate how great it is going to be as the years pass.

It was a coincidence that CJ's fraternity is celebrating its 40th Anniversary. A few weekends ago we traveled to Kentucky to celebrate both anniversaries! Looking back I regret not having taken more pictures! I am really bad about that. So I included the few pictures that I did take. We had the opportunity to see a lot of friends that we rarely see. There were a few that we missed that were unable to come. While the entertainment at the dinner was a little lacking we managed to have a lot of fun anyways.

The entire weekend that we were there, it snowed. It was beautiful! At first we had a hard time getting used to the cold, but by the end of the weekend we seemed to adjust to it. I only snapped a few pictures and it was while we were in the car..enough said. On our last day CJ took me by his hometown and showed me the house where he grew up. That was so fun! I loved getting to see his home, schools and friends houses where they grew up. It meant a lot to get to see a part of his life...then.


  1. you are so beautiful!! happy late 4th anniversary, friend!

  2. yay! i found your blog! been meaning to follow it. congrats on the anniversary! (i know this is super late! LOL!)